Fluorescent Hanging Lamp (HALO-HL-HZZR)

Fluorescent Hanging Lamp (HALO-HL-HZZR)
Technical Data: 

Products character
         Brief and clear straight-line modern outward, aluminum alloy housing, surface oxidation treatment to strenghten visional impact with a stronger 3 dimension effect. High quality aluminum is extruded into its specific body and grille, whose surface is under oxidation treatment.
         Component Accessories are attached with fixtures, allowing users to adjust connections and structures subjectively, so fixtures and quantities and dimensions shall be selected wisely to meet individual demands.
         Phosphated cold roll sheet metal white powder coated finish, Oven baked finish, Corrosion resistant, Design with hanging strap provision for wire hanger.
Louver (Option)

  • Multi-lined aluminum Finish.
  • White Powder Coated Finish.
  • Double Parabolic Aluminum Finish.

Reflector (Option)

  • Mirrorized Aluminum Finish.
  • Matt Satin Finish.


  • High-graded office buildings, offices, classrooms, conference halls, executive offices, etc.


  • Suspending or ceiling.