Olbia Family

Olbia Family
  • Olbia Family
  • Olbia Ch6
  • Olbia Ch3
  • Olbia Floor Lamp
  • Olbia Table Lamp

Materials Features

  • Stainless Polish Finish
  • Round tube arms smooth and clean
  • Round tube socket cover
  • Crystal Drops accent
  • Candle bulb Warm White
  • Table Lamp Base in heavy weight capable enough to stand firm

Application : Hotel Rooms, Condominium Rooms, Hotel Lobby etc

Product Specification Description: 
Olbia Ch6E14, 6 X 40W820MMØ1080MM
Olbia Ch3E14, 3 X 40W680MMØ1080MM
Olbia Floor LampE14, 2 X 40W530MM160MM1920MM
Olbia Table LampE14, 1 X 40W160MM200MMØ410MM